segunda-feira, junho 07, 2010

HotWheels HotHod

Um designer automotivo que se preze tem que desenhar uma miniatura Hot Wheels, tá ai o meu. Como o trabalho está em andamento, resolvi colocar essa prévia do "motorzinho" bi-turbo da máquina! Curtam!

An automotive designer must do a Hot Wheel at least one time, so that's mine. Because the work is in progress, that's a shot of the "little" bi-turbo engine! Enjoy!

domingo, junho 06, 2010

My entry to win Dr.Kaku's book! Wish me lucky!!!!

My entry to win Dr.Kaku's book!

How do YOU envision the Internet of the Future?

I think after several computer science and internet advances like quantic computing; people will be connected as never before maybe with brain implants; all these knowledge will help the human being know itself once for all, especially all brain capabilities. After this breaking point in human history, people will know that all computer / internet advances are optional, people can be connected with any other people in any dimension/time/space with the brain power! For me internet as we know today will be even more useful to daily tasks but will be obsolete to human interactions. My vision the Internet of the future goes diametrically across brain power to break all the dimensional, time or space barriers that we know today!

Wish me lucky!!!!

HellDiver Compact SportCar

Release with the most important features and charactheristics