Might Transporter 6WDSC under maintenance at Nightfall (6 wheel Drive, Steering, Camber)

This rendering was featured at Coroflot.com!

Might Transporter 6WDSC under maintenance at Nightfall (6 wheel Drive, Steering, Camber):

In first place this rendering is a tribute to Mr. XXXXXX. I am a great fan of his work.
About the image:
I love to image and design new and innovative ways to design vehicles of all kinds. In 2006 I designed an enormous 6x6 to a previous competition, I loved the work that win and was published at the book ABC of Automotive Rendering of Infolio Publisher.

Since that time I worked in several cars in private research on conceptual design and get another prize in automotive field.

So I decided to join all stuff to make all new vehicle / scene to this challenge.
I thought that the best way to show mechanical parts of a vehicle without boring the spectator is place it under maintenance/repair showing it semi-deconstructed; beside it I place a complete vehicle in opposite angle to show the hided aspects.

The place:
To do maintenance is these might and enormous vehicles some special place and machinery is needed running away of the traditional sheds, ladders and scaffoldings.

With so large parts, each rotatory maintenance slot has 2 special designed robotic-arms with 5 axle motion and extendable shaft that can be rotated around the slot and placed in the floor when dont needed. This robotic arm placed in the floor is showed near the complete vehicle.

At the end one special  has two functions: supply the vehicle with fluids like water to the crew with and extensible probe (in the rendering behind the vehicle under maintenance) or 4 long fingers that stay folded inside the rotatory ring when dont need (in the rendering holding a tire/wheel and behind this coming from the adjacent slot holding the vehicle stabilized without 2 wheels). As said the robotic-arms of the adjacent slots can be used.

To better performance and safety at maintenance/repair routines, the floor and robotic arms are retro illuminated.

The Might Transporter 6WDSC (6 wheel Drive, Steering and Camber):
The vehicle was designed to go anywhere with life support to long journeys through any terrain/weather. The body has special polymers that absorb all kinds of radiations including solar electromagnetic emissions and human radio signals and transform in electricity stored in other layer of the same polymer.

Each axle has a sub-chassis linked between the others sub-chassis and with the main body with pneumatic springs and internal stabilizers. Each wheel has its own engine, steering and camber controls. All digitally commanded.

Each engine use one laser bean reflected and refracted million times microscopically to stimulate bioluminescent polymers at the right regions that generate the magnetic field that drive/break the hub. No breaks, bearings or lubricant are need. The bioluminescent polymers specially placed are superconductors at ambient pressure/temperature giving much more power to the wheels. Estimated power: 2000hp in each wheel consuming 1/25 of the energy of current engines weighting 1/100 with zero-emissions.

Two rotary compressors (one redundant) using the same technology of the main engines in the rear keep the air springs loaded and ready to ride at any terrain keeping the crew at the most comfortable and safe position.
There are two versions of the vehicle:

A = Two side pods. Each pod could transport the crew with safely and efficiency. Both could be used by the crew or transport other stuff and remote controlled by other one. With lower profile was designed to quicker displacements. The two vehicles at the maintenance slots.

B = One large body with panoramic 360 degree of field place at top. Almost identical to version A. With better vision field was designed to research and tourism. The vehicle at the background on top.
Lower Level Vehicles:

Monobody Sport Light Coupe: one single multi-layer polymer body is the structure, the suspensions, steering systems, batteries, solar/radio energy caption and other parts of the car excepting the wheels. With mimetic functions the aerodynamic parts change shape to give the better performance possible.

Engine with bioluminescent polymers hided inside the fenders. All wheel drive, steering and camber. Estimate power: 1000hp.

The two identical vehicles at the lower level under the maintenance slots.
Velochrome: Two individual vehicles could ride together as showed to best performance and energy saving. Mono-arm suspensions provide handling/steering performance. Agility and economy of the motorbikes with the safety of the closed cockpit. The economic alternative in urban transportation to the monobody vehicle.


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